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Calcium signalling during the cleavage period of zebrafish development

Authors Webb, Sarah E.
Li, Wai Ming
Miller, Andrew L.
Issue Date 2008
Source Philosophical TRANSACTIONS OF The Royal Society b-biological sciences , v. 363, (1495), 2008, APR 12, p. 1363-1369
Summary Imaging studies, using both luminescent and fluorescent Ca2+-sensitive reporters, have revealed that during the first few meroblastic cleavages of the large embryos of teleosts, localized elevations of intracellular Ca2+ accompany positioning, propagation, deepening and apposition of the cleavage furrows. Here, we will review the Ca2+ transients reported during the cleavage period in these embryos, with reference mainly to that of the zebrafish ( Danio rerio). We will also present the latest findings that support the proposal that Ca2+ transients are an essential feature of embryonic cytokinesis. In addition, the potential upstream triggers and downstream targets of the different cytokinetic Ca2+ transients will be discussed. Finally, we will present a hypothetical model that summarizes what has been suggested to be the various roles of Ca2+ signalling during cytokinesis in teleost embryos.
ISSN 0962-8436
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