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Color twisted nematic liquid crystal displays

Authors Kwok, Hoi-Sing (郭海成)
Yu, Xing-Jie (于興傑)
Issue Date 2009-01-14
Source 中國專利, ZL 200410048725.4
Summary Color liquid crystal displays (LCD) are usually made by putting color filters onto the individual pixels. These color filters are resins with color pigments. Full color displays can be made by a combination of the red, green and blue primary colors. This coloring scheme is the predominant technology for active matrix as well as passive matrix LCD currently in use. Many colors can be obtained. While most of the attention of color filter-free LCDs are concentrated on the supertwisted nematic (STN) display with a twist angle of larger than 180˚, there is nevertheless a need for similar techniques for low twist angles LCDs. By combining a proper set of values for the twist angle, the cell birefringence and the input/output polarizer angles, it is possible to obtain vivid colors in low twist LCDs as a function of the operating voltage without the use of color filters. Such displays have many applications in situations requiring only a few colors without gray scales.
Language English
Format Patent
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