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Anisotropic Poisson disk sampling

Authors Li, Hongwei
Wei, Li-Yi
Sander, Pedro V.
Fu, Chi-Wing
Issue Date 2009
Summary Poisson disk sampling is one of the most important and widely employed sampling methods for imaging and graphics applications. However, existing research so far has focused mainly on isotropic sampling, and challenges remain for the anisotropic scenario both in sample generation and quality verification. We present anisotropic Poisson disk sampling to address these issues. On the generation side, we extend dart throwing, the classical method for generating isotropic samples, for anisotropic sampling, while ensuring both high-quality results and easy computation. On the verification side, although Fourier spectrum analysis has been one of the most powerful and widely adopted tools, it is limited to uniform isotropic samples. We introduce approaches based on warping and sphere sampling that allow us to apply Fourier spectrum analysis for anisotropic samples, detecting problems in alternative anisotropic sampling techniques that were not yet found via prior verification methods. We present several applications of our technique, including stippling, surface sampling, and 3D object distribution.
Language English
Format Technical report
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