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Fullerene-containing optical materials with novel light transmission characteristics

Authors Tang, Ben-Zhong
Yu, Nai-Teng
Peng, Han
Leung, Shuk-mei
Wu, Xuan-zheng
Issue Date 2000-05-23
Source US Patent , 6,066,272. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2000.
Summary Optical glasses and polymers are described that incorporate homogeneously dispersed fullerene molecules. The resultant materials may be used as optical filters, the cut-off frequency being easily adjustable by changing the fullerene content. To prepare glasses fullerene molecules are firstly functionalized by amination prior to being incorporated into a sol-gel process to prepare the glass. To prepare polymers a pre-existing polymer may be subject to fullerenation, or fullerene may be copolymerized with a selected monomer.
Language English
Format Patent
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