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Low-complexity antenna diversity receiver

Authors Ling, Curtis C.
Chuang, Justin C.
Zhang, Chunning
Issue Date 2001-01-09
Source US Patent , 6,172,970. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2001.
Summary A low-diversity antenna diversity receiver suitable for TDMA PCS handset implementation employing two diversity branches. The receiver is capable of selecting a diversity scheme which is anticipated to give optimum signal reception among a plurality of diversity schemes installed on the receiver. This receiver, more conveniently termed multi-diversity receiver comprises a single conventional wireless digital receiver chain augmented with a few additional low-cost passive RF components and minor control circuits. A plurality of diversity algorithms, for example, selection diversity (SD), equal-gain combining (EGC) or interference-reduction combining (IRC) scheme, which are suitable for implementing on this multi-diversity receiver are also described. Simulation results showing performance of this multi-divesity receiver are also presented.
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