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Positioning apparatus for hard disk servowriter

Authors Cai, Li-Long
Zhou, Weidong
Issue Date 2001-02-20
Source US Patent , 6,191,911. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2001.
Summary A servowriter positioning apparatus for hard disk drives comprises and optical read head 2 for directing three focussed light beams on grating sections formed at the end of a grating memer 1 connected to the servo write head(s) 3 in order to indicate the position and movement of the head(s) 3. The optical read head 2 may be based on CD or DVD technology. The servo write head(s) 3 are mounted on an actuator arm 5 to which the grating member 1 is fixed for rotation therewith and which are both driven in rotation by a rotary actuator. The grating member 1 comprises two grating sections 11,12 separated by a smooth section 13 for generating a focus error correction signal. The apparatus of the invention can be used to sense and control the position and movement of the servo write heads, or of the read/write heads of the hard disk themselves, thus eliminating the need for any servo pattern.
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