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Laser interferometer system for straightness measurements

Authors Cai, Li-Long
Zhang, Jihua
Issue Date 1998-05-26
Source US Patent , 5,757,491. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 1998.
Summary A laser interferometer system in particular for measuring the straightness of an object is described. This interferometer employs triangular prisms to refract the laser beams by certain angles with respect to the principal axis of the incident beam. Two configurations are described. One is for high accuracy in short range measurements, the other can handle long range measurements with high resolution that is not related to the range. For the latter the interferometer comprises a laser source, a beam splitter, a plane reflector, two first triangular prisms, a second prism, a right angle prism reflector and a detector system. The second prism and the right-angle prism reflector are integrated into one body to form a movable component and are attached to the object to be measured.
Language English
Format Patent
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