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ZNMGS-based UV detectors

Authors Sou, Philip Iam-Keong
Wu, Chi Wai Marcus
Wong, Kam-Sing
Wong, George K. L.
Issue Date 2003-08-26
Source US Patent , 6,610,985. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2003.
Summary UV detectors comprising undoped Zn1-xMgxS as the UV responsive active material. Where x exceeds 0.3 the thickness of the active material must be below a critical value, for example if 0.30<x<1.00, and the active material is formed as a layer of a thickness t wherein 5000 Å≥t≥100 Å. A particularly preferred combination of x and thickness is x=0.57 and t≤1400 Å because at around these values the UV response of the active material is similar to the UV response of human skin.
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