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Composite materials with negative elastic constants

Authors Sheng, Ping View this author's profile
Xiao, Rong-Fu
Wen, Wei-Jia View this author's profile
Zheng, You Liu
Issue Date 2003-06-10
Source US Patent , 6,576,333. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2003.
Summary This invention provides a composite material having a matrix of structural material containing embedded zones of soft elastic material and zones of solid relatively high density material within the soft elastic material. By selecting a particular resonance frequency for the subunits of soft elastic material and solid high density material, frequencies just lower than the resonance frequencies will be unable to propagate through the material and be strongly reflected or absorbed. Such material may be used in the manufacture of filters or shields against particular target frequencies. Subunits having a variety of resonance frequencies may provide a broader range of frequencies that the material may shield.
Language English
Format Patent
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