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Hand held and wireless micro projector

Authors Chan, Hoi Chun
Issue Date 2006
Summary In this thesis, the implementation of hand held and wireless micro projector with silicon microdisplay is presented. Either a flash memory card or a remote personal computer is used as the image source. JPEG images are decoded and displayed on the microdisplay. Sequential color technique and continued spatial color technique are used to produce color image on the silicon microdisplay, which has spatial resolution of 688 x 480 x 3 delta sub-pixels. For continued spatial color technique, micro color filter is coated on the microdisplay. For sequential color technique, the synchronization of RGB color LEDs flashing and RGB sub-frame is implemented with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to archive color image. High sub-frame rate of 195Hz is archived with FPGA running at 60MHz. The system includes one process board (DSP + FPGA) for image decoding and microdisplay driving. Moreover, a wireless 802.11b interface was added to eliminate the burden of the wired connection between the image source and the projector. The wireless interface is implemented with a Xscale platform. The platform includes an Intel Xscale PXA255 processor, 802.11b adaptor and Linux operating system. The image transmission time over the wireless network is not noticeable with the high bandwidth of 802.11b. Undistorted image is display on the microdisplay.
Note Thesis (M.Phil.)--Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2006
Language English
Format Thesis
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