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Frequency : modulated neural inputs and an alphabet for synaptic coding

Authors Stiber, Michael
Segundo, Jose P.
Vibert, Jean-Francois
Issue Date 1994-06
Summary This communication is concerned with synaptic coding of information in realistic neural networks, characterized by changes of neurons' output in response to synaptic input - the operational unit of nervous systems. We examine a simple network with two spike-producing neurons coupled by a single inhibitory synapse. Extending previous work with pacemaker inputs, we provide frequency modulated inputs, such as those associated with rhythmic motor activity. We present evidence to support the hypothesis that such modulated input serves in part to systematically "select" output responses from those seen with pacemaker input. We propose that, as a first approximation, the pacemaker responses can be considered to be basic component "select" in the neural code.
Language English
Format Technical report
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