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Construction OF Fermionic String Models in 4 Dimensions

Authors Kawai, Hikaru
Lewellen, David C.
Tye, Henry View this author's profile
Issue Date 1987
Source Nuclear physics. B , v. 288, (1), June 1987, p. 1-76
Summary The construction of four-dimensional closed fermionic string models is discussed. The approach is based on a fermionic formulation of all internal (i.e. toroidally compactified) coordinates. Modular invariance, world sheet supersymmetry, (super)conformal invariance and proper space-time spin-statistics impose stringent constraints on the model building. Using these constraints on the boundary conditions (spin structure) of the world sheet fermions, we obtain a simple set of rules for constructing ultraviolet-finite closed fermionic string models. For a large subclass of these models, this “spin structure” construction can be related to bosonic constructions via the fermionic charge lattice. These charge lattices are odd lorentzian self-dual lattices shifted by a fixed vector and form a nontrivial generalization of the lorentzian self-dual even-integer lattices considered by Narian. In particular, four-dimensional models with N = 4, N = 2, and N = 1 supersymmetry as well as non-supersymmetric tachyon-free chiral models can easily be construted. Some models may be interpreted as charge lattices moded by discrete symmetries - in particular Z2 type orbifolds. String interactions and other related issues are also discussed.
ISSN 0550-3213
Language English
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