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Biological computation: neurons, networks, and nonlinear dynamics

Authors Stiber, Michael
Segundo, Jose P.
Nomura, Taishin
Sato, Shunsuke
Doi, Shinji
Vibert, Jean-Francois
Pakdaman, Khashayar
Issue Date 1993-08
Summary Understanding how the phenomena that one observes in biological nervous systems maps into the computations that they perform involves contributions from a wide range of fields. Each of these fields may focus on one or more aspects of neuron operation; so in addition investigation at multiple levels of detail are a necessity. The alternative, single line of investigation runs the risk of producing "results" of questionable applicability to the original problem. This chapter presents an overview of methods and results in neurophysiology, modeling, artificial neural networks, and nonlinear dynamics which have been converging among the work of the authors. The current outcome is the bringing together of tools, methods, and data from a variety of fields which have yielded new insights into neural behaviors which were once considered either too complex or irrelevant to neural function.
Language English
Format Technical report
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