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Targeted disruption of mouse EGF receptor: Effect of genetic background on mutant phenotype

Authors Threadgill, David
Dlugosz, Andrzej
Hansen, Laura
Tennenbaum, Tamar
Lichti, Ulrike
Yee, Della
LaMantia, Christian
Mourton, Tracy
Herrup, Karl View this author's profile
Harris, Raymond
Barnard, John
Yuspa, Stuart
Coffey, Robert
Magnuson, Terry
Issue Date 1995
Source Science , v. 269, (5221), 1995, p. 230-234
Summary Gene targeting was used to create a null allele at the epidermal growth factor receptor locus (Egfr). The phenotype was dependent on genetic background, EGFR deficiency on a CF-1 background resulted in peri-implantation death due to degeneration of the inner cell mass. On a 129/Sv background, homozygous mutants died at mid-gestation due to placental defects; on a CD-1 background, the mutants lived for up to 3 weeks and showed abnormalities in skin, kidney, brain, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. The multiple abnormalities associated with EGFR deficiency indicate that the receptor is involved in a wide range of cellular activities.
ISSN 0036-8075
Language English
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