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3D data acquisition of sculptured object

Authors Liu, Yifan
Issue Date 2000
Summary At present, many techniques are available in 3D data acquisition and 3D model reconstruction such as stereo vision, shape from X, and 3D laser scanning. Applying these techniques in building practical model reconstruction systems is attracting more attentions. Acquiring data from sculptured objects with smooth surfaces, such as human body, is a concerned area in medical, biomedical and CAD research. This thesis presents the design and implementation of a 3D data acquisition system, which adopted a novel combination of both passive sensing techniques and active sensing techniques in one system. The passive sensing part is a camera based system that uses occluding contour technique together with Superquadrics or volumetric intersection, and the active sensing part is a laser camera system that uses laser plane projection technique. Because sculptured objects could be irregular and contain concave sections that are hard to be seen by pure camera based acquisition system, introducing active sensing system at critical parts of the object then fuse the data together can take advantage of the accuracy of active sensors while still retain the advantages of the camera based system. The proposed thesis research concentrates on 3D data acquisition system design and implementation of low cost acquisition systems for human body reconstruction based on an on-going research project. The system design of both the camera based system and the laser camera system are discussed with special emphasis on fusing the acquired information.
Note Thesis (M.Phil.)--Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2000
Language English
Format Thesis
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