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Enhancing an image, such as an image having bi-valued pixel values

Authors Au, Oscar C. HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Fu, Ming Sun
Issue Date 2009-02-24
Source US Patent , 7,495,805 B1, 2009
Summary Half-toning is a method to print multi-tone images using only two-tone colors. Such methods are commonly used in publishing and computer printers. There are several kinds of half-toning processing where inverse half-toning is a method to reconstruct a multi-tone image from a half-toned image. This invention introduced a new method, the fast edge-preserving filtering, which adopts low-complexity algorithm to perform inverse half-toning. By way of this method, an inverse half-toned image is generated by directly filtering the half-tone image in an iterative manner. This low computational complexity but high image quality method made resizing, rotating and processing of images simple, easy and quick even if you are using lower-end models of computers or computer accessories like printers and scanners. In addition, the new inverse half-toning method can be used as an edge preserving filter in applications such restoration, noise-reduction, enhancement, retouching of images, old archival images, remote sensing images, and medical images.
Language English
Format Patent
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