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Lithium-ion battery incorporating carbon nanostructure materials

Authors Tang, Zi-Kang View this author's profile
Sheng, Ping View this author's profile
Liang, Qi HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Wang, Ning View this author's profile
Chan, Che-Ting View this author's profile
Issue Date 2008-12-16
Source US Patent , 7,465,519 B2, 2008
Summary A lithium ion battery is disclosed in which the negative electrode material comprises carbon nanostructures having no dimension greater that 2μm. The battery has a high reversible capacity of the order of 400 mAh/g to 5000 mAh/g which can be maintained over a long cycle-life (at least 30 cycles). The carbon nanostructures may be mixed with graphite to improve conductivity. The carbon nanostructures may be synthesized using an AFI template material followed by calcination.
Language English
Format Patent
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