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Catalytic material and method of production thereof

Authors 杨经伦 View this author's profile
姚楠 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Issue Date 2009-02-18
Source 中国专利 , ZL 2005 8 0022413.9, 2009
Summary 本发明提供包括与含有金属氧化物的纳米尺寸的晶体固定的金属催化剂的催化材料。此外,本发明提供一种制造所述催化材料的方法。最后,本发明提供使用所述催化材料除去污染物并得到所需产物的方法。The present invention features a catalytic materail which includes a metal catalyst anchored to a nano-sized crystal containing a metal oxide. Furthermore, the present invention features a method of producing the catalytic material described herein. Finally, the present invention features using the catalytic material for removing cotaminants and for getting the desired products.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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