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Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor structure for high density and high performance integrated circuits

Authors Chan, Philip Ching-Ho
Chan, Mansun
Wu, Xu Sheng
Zhang, Shengdong
Issue Date 2009-06-09
Source US Patent , 7,545,008 B2, 2009
Summary A semiconductor device may include a substrate and an insulating layer formed on the substrate. A multi-layer fin may be formed on the insulating layer and may include two semiconducting layers isolated by an insulating layer in vertical direction. A first MOS type device comparising a first source region, a first channel region and a first drain region is arranged on the first semiconducting layer in the multi-layer fin. A second MOS type device comprising a second source region, a second channel region and a second drain region is arranged on the second semiconducting layer in the multi-layer fin. A gate electrode is provided so as to be vertically adjacent to the first and second channel regions.
Language English
Format Patent
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