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Novel adsorbents for sulphur dioxide removal

Authors Fu, Man On
Issue Date 2009
Summary Effective adsorbents for sulphur dioxide (SO2) removal were investigated in this work. The conventional adsorbent for gas purification is normally operated at low temperature (below 200ºC), which is not suitable for the removal of SO2 in hot flue gas. Pillared clays and calcined layered double hydroxides (LDHs), which have been widely studied for many catalytic applications at high temperature, are of a great potential for SO2 removal from hot flue gas. In the current study, SO2 adsorption performances of pillared clays and calcined LDHs were evaluated. Different metal species have been used to prepare pillared clays with bentonite as the supporting material. Ce and Zr pillared clays are found to have better SO2 adsorption performance than other pillared clays. The SO2 adsorption performance of pillared clay with different Ce and Zr content are also investigated. Several calcined LDHs with different Ce and Zr content are synthesized with Mg and Al as the major component. SO2 adsorption performance of calcined LDHs with carbonate exchange and synthesized at higher pH are also investigated. It is found that Ce and Zr are active species for SO2 adsorption, which have strong attractions to SO2. Also calcined LDHs are found to have outstanding performance for SO2 removal. The adsorption capacities of calcined LDHs are in average 100% higher than pillared clays and 300% higher than activated carbon and ZSM-5 at 200°C. The current results have demonstrated that calcined LDHs can achieve high SO2 adsorption capacities at high temperature. As the synthesis procedure of calcined LDHs is not complicated, with further development, calcined LDHs can be developed into effective adsorbents for industrial SO2 removal.
Note Thesis (M.Phil.)--Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2009
Language English
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