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RFID tag and antenna

Authors Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
Gao, Bo
Murch, Ross David
Cheng, Chi Ho
Issue Date 2009-11-03
Source US Patent , 7,612,676 B2, 2009
Summary The present invention relates to an RFID Tag and Antenna for use with an RFID tag and a method of radio frequency identification (RFID). The RFID Tag comprises a RFID chip 5 for storing data, an antenna 6 and an electromagnetic band gap substrate 12. The RFID chip 5 and the antenna 6 are mounted above the electromagnetic band gap substrate 12. The electromagnetic band gap substrate has a reflection phase which is different from 180° at the operation frequency of the antenna. The electromagnetic band gap substrate enables the RFID to operate even if it is mounted on a conductive object, as the reflection phase is not 180° so it does not destructively interfere with the radiation from the antenna at the operating frequency. Preferably the reflection phase is between 340° and 115° or -95° and 145°. The preferred embodiment uses a band gap substrate having two mushroom-like conductive layers 3, 7 with a dielectric in between.
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