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Transflective liquid crystal device and method of manufacturing the same

Authors 孟志国 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
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Issue Date 2010-02-24
Source 中国专利 , ZL 2005 8 0049823.2, 2010
Summary 本发明描述电极的构建用于液晶显示器,该显示器采用一种在可见光谱区显示吸收性低于20%的大晶粒低吸收多晶硅,本发明显示制备有源矩阵的衬底,薄膜晶体管的源极、漏极及沟道区和象素电极是相连地形成多硅单层。The construction of electrodes for liquid-crystal displays using larger grain lower absorption (LGLA) poly-Si showing an absorptivity below 20% in the visible light region is described. Integration in the manufacturing of substrates for active-matrix LCDs is shown. Source, drain and channel region ( 108 b , 108 c , 108 d) of the TFTs as well as the pixel-electrode ( 108 e) are formed conjointly in a single poly-Si layer.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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