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Transflective liquid crystal display

Authors Mak, Hin Yu HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Chigrinov, Vladimir Grigorievich View this author's profile
Issue Date 2010-04-27
Source US Patent , 7,705,939 B2, 2010
Summary A transflective liquid crystal display having at least one reflective region 122 and at least one transmissive region 121. The display comprises a first polarizer 5, a second polarizer 100 opposing the first polarizer 5, two twisted nematic liquid crystal layers 30, 60 between said first and second polarizers 5, 100 and a reflector 110 for reflecting light passing though the reflective region 122 of the display. The twisted nematic liquid crystal layers 30, 60 have opposite twist directions to each other. The second twisted nematic liquid crystal layer 60 improves the contrast of the display. The display may have a double cell arrangement, in which case there may be a single cell gap or a double cell gap. Alternatively, the display may have a single cell arrangement in which case the second twisted nematic liquid crystal layer is a temperature dependent retardation film 65.
Language English
Format Patent
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