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Automatic video data structuring through shot partitioning and key frame selection

Authors Xiong, Wei
Lee, John Chung-Mong
Ma, Rui-Hua
Issue Date 1996-05-16
Summary In this paper, we propose automatic solutions to the problems: (i) video partitioning, (ii) key frame selection, (iii) key frame pruning. For the first problem, an algorithm called "Net Comparision" is devised. It is accurate and fast because it uses both statistical and spatial information in an image and does not have to process the entire image. Choice of number and size of subsampling regions is analyzed. we also introduce a novel searching approach - the step-variable search for video partitioning. For the last two problems, we develop an original image similarity criterion which considers both spatial layout and detail content in an image. For this purpose, coefficients of wavelet decomposition are used to derive parameter vectors accounting for these aspects. The parameters exhibit (quasi-) invariant properties, making the algorithm robust to many types of object/camera motion and scaling as well. A novel "Two-Stage Search" strategy is proposed for key frame selection which allows to obtain the largest representation range possible of key frames. Inter-shot redundancy of key frames is suppressed using the same image similarity measure. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and effciency of our techniques.
Language English
Format Technical report
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