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Protein sorting at the trans Golgi Network

Authors Guo, Yusong View this author's profile
Sirkis, Daniel W.
Schekman, Randy
Lehmann, R.
Issue Date 2014
Source Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology , v. 30 (2014) p. 169-206
Summary The trans-Golgi network (TGN) is an important cargo sorting station within the cell where newly synthesized proteins are packaged into distinct transport carriers that are targeted to various destinations. To maintain the fidelity of protein transport, elaborate protein sorting machinery is employed to mediate sorting of specific cargo proteins into distinct transport carriers. Protein sorting requires assembly of the cytosolic sorting machinery onto the TGN membrane and capture of cargo proteins. We review the cytosolic and transmembrane sorting machinery that function at the TGN and describe molecular interactions and regulatory mechanisms that enable accurate protein sorting. In addition, we highlight the importance of TGN sorting in physiology and disease.
ISSN 1081-0706
ISBN 978-0-8243-3130-6
Language English
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