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Distributed position estimation for wireless sensor networks

Authors Chan, Shueng-Han Gary
Cheung, Victor
Wong, Kin-Fung
Tsang, Ivor W.
Kwok, James Tin-Yau
Issue Date 2010-10-12
Source US Patent , 7,812,718 B1, 2010
Summary An effective method of allowing a sensor node to estimate its own position, based only on coarse distances to its neighbors, together with an embedding mathematical tool. This method involves four major steps for each of the nodes: estimating distances to and exchange distance information with nearby nodes; performing position estimation locally; broadcasting the result; and refining its estimation. It also supports nodes joining/leaving the network and nodes with lower power. Further, because useful information for position-based routing is already embedded during the position estimation process, no extra transmission is required for efficient route determination in reporting data to a collecting node.
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Language English
Format Patent
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