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Single solder ball impact tester

Authors Zhang, Zheming HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Wu, Jingshen View this author's profile
Issue Date 2010-10-12
Source US Patent , 7,810,374 B2, 2010
Summary A test apparatus applies high speed impact load to a sample to test the shear strength of attachment of a component part to the sample, by use of a rotary drive mechanism driving an impact tip. A support mechanism provides alignment between the impact tip and a portion of the sample to receive a test force, and prevents relative movement of at least one of the sample and the impact tip. The rotary drive mechanism establishes a impact force between the impact tip and the sample, and a force transducer receives the resultant force and providing a corresponding output. In one example the force transducer uses a piezoelectric film for sensing. The testing may be used, for example, to provide stable impact speed to a solder ball, and provide, as an output a force and displacement relationship curve. The stable speed can be acquired by clutch, and the data collection.
Language English
Format Patent
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