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Customized Shoe and Insole, Method and Apparatus for Determining Shape of a Foot and for Making a Shoe or Insole

Authors Goonetilleke, Ravindra Stephen
Witana, Channa Patuwatha
Weerasinghe, Thilina Wijayantha
Issue Date 2010-12-21
Source US Patent 7,854,071 B2, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Summary A method and kit of parts for measuring the comfortable shape of a foot for a person. The kit comprises front and rear platforms of adjustable height and a supporting surface for accommodating the plantar surface of a foot extending between said platforms. The aforementioned components can be adjusted to various settings with a view to determining a comfortable plantar foot shape. The foot shape can then be captured by scanning with an optical or mechanical probe or scanner. A method of making a customized shoe and shoe last on basis of the captured foot shape is also disclosed
Note Date of Patent: Dec. 21, 2010; Application no.: 12/730,828, Filing date: Mar. 24, 2010
Language English
Format Patent
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