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Titania-silica aerogel monolith with ordered mesoporosity and preparation thereof

Authors 杨经伦 View this author's profile
姚楠 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
曹胜利 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Issue Date 2011-10-05
Source 中国专利 , ZL 2006 1 0145600.2, 2011
Summary 本发明公开了TiO2-SiO2气凝胶和TiO2-SiO2气凝胶独石,该气凝胶独石具有规则的可预定形状和规则中孔结构,本发明还公开了制备所述气凝胶和气凝胶独石的方法,所述方法使用表面活性剂制备SiO2溶胶,然后将SiO2溶胶与TiO2溶胶混合。使用该方法得到的气凝胶具有大于400m2/g的比表面积和大于0.5cc/g的孔体积。A TiO2-SiO2 aerogel and TiO2-SiO2 aerogel monolith with a regular and predeterminable shape and an ordered mesoporosity and a method of making the aerogel and aerogel monolith, using surfactants in preparing the SiO2 sol before mixing with TiO2 sol. The aerogel obtained by this method has a specific surface area greater than 400m2/g and a pore volume larger than 0.5 cc/g.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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