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Regular tree and regular hedge languages over unranked alphabets

Authors Brüggemann-Klein, Anne
Murata, Makoto
Wood, Derick
Issue Date 2001-04-03
Summary We survey the basic results on regular tree languages over unranked alphabets; that is, we use an unranked alphabet for the labels of nodes, we allow unbounded, yet regular, degree nodes and we treat sequences of trees that, following Courcelle, we call hedges. The survey was begun by the first and third authors. Subsequently, when they discovered that the second author had already written a summary of this view of tree automata and languages, the three authors decided to join forces and produce a consistent review of the area. The survey is still unfinished because we have been unable to find the time to finish it. We are making it available in this unfinished form as a research report because it has, already, been heavily cited in the literature.
Language English
Format Technical report
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