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Numerical study on seasonal variations of gaseous pollutants and particulate matters in Hong Kong/Pearl River Delta region

Authors Kwok, Roger Hiu Fung
Issue Date 2009
Summary Air pollution in Hong Kong (HK) causes problems in visibility and public health, which are worsening over past few years. Out of particulate matters (PM) inhalable into respiratory system, 30% is contributed by sulfate (SO4), 40% by organic carbon (OC), and 10% by elemental carbon (EC). A meso-scale numerical modeling system CMAQ is devised to simulate the air quality in January (winter), April (spring), July (summer) and October (autumn) 2004, driven by meteorology simulated by MM5 and emission sources in China including Hong Kong. Observational and measurement data from Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department Air Quality network are compared with the model results. With respect to pollutant concentration level, model-observation agreement is reasonably well, especially in PM species sulfate, organic carbon (OC) and elemental carbon (EC); and gaseous species SO2, NOx and ozone. In terms of PM composition, the model agrees with the measurement in fractions of sulfate, OC and EC. Higher PM level in autumn and winter is associated with northeasterly winds due to continental outflow. To further investigate emission sources contributing to HK, a source apportioning method called Tagged Species Source Apportionment (TSSA) algorithm is applied to study contributions to level of SO4, SO2 and EC in HK. It is found that while sources beyond PRD are observed in entire HK during January and October 2004, emitting sectors are different among western HK, downtown area, and the east countryside. Specifically, power plants and vehicles from HK and Shenzhen affect the western new towns, while power plants, vehicles and ships within HK determine the downtown pollutants’ level. The countryside is mainly influenced by sources beyond PRD.
Note Thesis (Ph.D.)--Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2009
Language English
Format Thesis
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