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Integrated HEMT and lateral field-effect rectifier combinations, methods, and systems

Authors Chen, Kevin Jing View this author's profile
Chen, Wanjun HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Zhou, Chunhua HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Issue Date 2011-12-13
Source US Patent , 8,076,699 B2, 2011
Summary Integrated high efficiency lateral field effect rectifier and HEMT devices of GaN or analogous semiconductor material, methods for manufacturing thereof, and systems which include such integrated devices. The lateral field effect rectifier has an anode containing a shorted ohmic contact and a Schottky contact, and a cathode containing an ohmic contact, while the HEMT preferably has a gate containing a Schottky contact. Two fluorine ion containing regions are formed directly underneath both Schottky contacts in the rectifier and in the HEMT, pinching off the ( electron gas) chaunels in both structures at the hetero-interface between the epitaxial layers.
Language English
Format Patent
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