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Fatigue resistant sport drink and method of preparing the same

A Sport Drink Formulae and Preparation

Authors 詹华强 View this author's profile
董婷霞 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Issue Date 2012-06-27
Source 中国专利 , ZL 2008 1 0090505.6, 2012
Summary 本发明公开了一种抗疲劳运动饮料及其制备方法,它包括下述重量份的原料组分,黄芪1~30份、当归1~30份、红景天1~30份、水400~1000份。本发明的运动饮料不但能补充人体运动过程中损失的水分、糖分、电解质,经细胞及动物试验研究结果表明,具有确切的抗氧化保护细胞功效、抗运动性疲劳、改善运动能力的功效。The invention discloses a sports beverage with anti-fatigue effect, and a preparation method. The sports beverage is prepared from (by weight parts) astragalus membranaceus 1-30, angelica sinensis 1-30, rhodiola sacra 1-30, and water 400-1,000. The inventive sports beverage can supplement water, sugar and electrolyte consumed when a person is playing sports. Also, the results of cell and animal experiments show that the inventive sports beverage has the effects of resisting oxidation, protecting cells, resisting sports fatigue, and improving sports ability.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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