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Method and system for determining the placement of RFID antennas to obtain a readable region for RFID tags

Authors Cheung, Shing-Chi
Ni, Lionel M.
Issue Date 2011-08-16
Source US Patent , 7,999,676 B2, 2011
Summary This invention presents an apparatus and system and its accompanying method for automatically placing of RFID antennas and a method for obtaining a readable region for passive RFID Tags are disclosed. The apparatus and system include a Portable and Adjustable Mounting Framework (PAMF) with built in chain belt for holding the RFID antennas,an Antenna Position Controller (APC) and Antenna Position Holders (APH) for control the movement of the antennas, a Moveable Object Platform (MOP) for carrying a number of RFID tags and a Computer Integrated System (CIS) with Readable Region Analysis (RRA) software to capture the transmitted and received RF signal from/to the RFID readers.
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Language English
Format Patent
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