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Pharmaceutical composition for resisting hepatitis B virus, lowering lipid and alleviating fatty live lesions and preparation method thereof

A composition to treat hepatitis B virus, reduce fat and alleviate pathological changes by fatty liver

Authors 詹华强 View this author's profile
董婷霞 HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Issue Date 2012
Source 中国专利 , ZL 2009 1 0138157.X, 2012
Summary 本发明公开了一种抗乙型肝炎病毒、降脂和减轻脂肪肝病变的药物组合物,及其制备方法,该药物组合物的有效成分原料药包括射干,优化的方案是由射干和泽泻组成,将上述射干单方或者射干和泽泻两味原料药粉碎,配伍后用不同溶剂如水、1-100%乙醇、甲醇、正丁醇、乙酸乙酯提取,滤液浓缩后得到比重为1.05-1.1的稠膏,即得本发明药物组合物。本发明的优点在于以射干单方入药或者将射干和泽泻二味药配伍,用于降脂和减轻脂肪肝病变:降脂同时,又可抗乙型肝炎病毒。实验证明:单用射干或者二者合用,即可以降脂,又可以具有肝保护作用,使用安全可靠。The invention discloses a pharmaceutical composition for resisting hepatitis B virus, lowering lipid and alleviating fatty live lesions and a preparation method thereof. The raw materials of the effective ingredients of the pharmaceutical composition comprise belamcanda chinensis; the optimized proposal is that the pharmaceutical composition comprises belamcanda chinensis and rhizoma alismatis; the belamcanda chinensis is singly crashed or crashed with the rhizoma alismatis; after compatibility, different solvents such as water, 1-100 percent of ethanol, methyl alcohol, normal butanol and ethyl acetate are used for extraction; and thick paste with the specific gravity of 1.05-1.1 is obtained after the concentration of filtered liquor, namely the pharmaceutical composition is obtained. The advantages of the pharmaceutical composition are as follows, the belamcanda chinensis is singly used or combined with the rhizoma alismatis for lowering lipid and alleviating fatty live lesions, which not only can lower lipid but also can resist hepatitis B virus. The experiment proves that the single use of the belamcanda chinensis or the combination of the belamcanda chinensis and the rhizoma alismatis not only can lower lipid, but also can protect the liver and can be used safely and reliably.
Language Chinese
Format Patent
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