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Integrating DNA Strand Displacement Circuitry to the Nonlinear Hybridization Chain Reaction

Authors Zhang, Zhuo HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Fan, Tsz Wing HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Hsing, I-Ming View this author's profile
Issue Date 2017
Source Nanoscale , v. 9, (8), February 2017, p. 2748-2754
Summary Programmable and modular attributes of DNA molecules allow one to develop versatile sensing platforms that can be operated isothermally and enzyme-free. In this work, we present an approach to integrate upstream DNA strand displacement circuits that can be turned on by a sequence-specific microRNA analyte with a downstream nonlinear hybridization chain reaction for a cascading hyperbranched nucleic acid assembly. This system provides a two-step amplification strategy for highly sensitive detection of the miRNA analyte, conducive for multiplexed detection. Multiple miRNA analytes were tested with our integrated circuitry using the same downstream signal amplification setting, showing the decoupling of nonlinear self-assembly with the analyte sequence. Compared with the reported methods, our signal amplification approach provides an additional control module for higher-order DNA self-assembly and could be developed into a promising platform for the detection of critical nucleic-acid based biomarkers. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2017.
ISSN 2040-3364
Language English
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