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A cross-cultural study of interpersonal information exchange

Authors Dawar, Niraj
Parker, Philip M.
Price, Lydia J.
Issue Date 1995-11
Summary Research conducted primarily in the United States has shown that interpersonal influence arising from opinion exchange behavior is an important factor in consumers' product adoption and brand choice decisions. An important managerial question in the international arena is whether information giving and seeking behaviors depend on culture. In a study representing 11 nationalities, we explore the role of culture in moderating consumers' opinion exchange behavior. Results indicate that the cultural characteristics of power distance and uncertainty avoidance [Hofstede 1980] influence the focus of consumers' product information search activities, but not their tendencies to share product-related opinions with others. Following earlier opinion leadership studies, we find that individual characteristics such as product category interest and involvement are most indicative of active opinion leadership behavior.
Language English
Format Working paper
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