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AIDS and me, never the twain shall meet : factors affecting judgments of risk

Authors Raghubir, Priya
Menon, Geeta
Issue Date 1995-11-27
Summary The HIV virus is now an international killer, and people's perceptions of their own risk are a good determinant of the amount of attention that they are likely to pay towards information on AIDS. Through a series of five studies we systematically investigate the effects of several factors such as the self-positivity bias, similarity of the other person to oneself, order of elicitation of risk estimates, the ease with which related information can be retrieved from memory (i.e., the accessibility of information), the diagnosticity of such accessibility, and the content of the information retrieved from memory, on people's perceptions of risk of AIDS for oneself and other people. Theoretical implications regarding the use of the accessibility of information as a diagnostic cue, and the self-positivity effect are discussed and marketing implications regarding social marketing and commercial advertising are offered.
Language English
Format Working paper
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