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Course design and pedagogies: guiding engineering students' learning experience through student-initiated projects

Authors Woo, Kam Tim View this author's profile
Issue Date 2016
Summary The speaker teaches an introductory engineering course in Embedded Systems. This course focuses on the role of electronic control systems in mechanical and other applications. Most students are equipped with fundamental engineering knowledge, but for many this will be the first and perhaps the only embedded systems course they take. The great challenge and opportunity is helping students to master the basics so that they can deal with a wide range of real- world applications. To enrich students’ learning experience, students are required to work on a team-based project in the course. In many engineering courses, the projects ideas are often designed for students. These projects have clear learning outcomes and often less challenging in assessment. On the contrary, student-initiated projects are more difficult to assess, but giving them freedom to choose the topic of their interest can be a more engaging learning experience. If student- initiated projects are to be included in the course, redesigning and fine tuning the course is necessary. Specifically, the in- and out- of class activities need to be redesigned to align with and support each other. In this presentation, the speaker will share his pedagogies in providing guidance on student-initiated projects within a project-based engineering course. These include the use of videos, social media, peer discussion and Rubrics, etc. He will also discuss how to create an atmosphere where students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning.
Note presentation at Conference on Enhancing Student Learning Experience
Conference Conference on Enhancing Student Learning Experience, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 17 November 2016
Language English
Format Conference paper
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