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On the retrieval of similar configurations

Authors Papadias, Dimitris
Arkoumanis, Dinos
Karacapilidis, Nikos
Issue Date 1997-09-18
Summary The search for similar configurations is an important research topic for content-based image retrieval in GISs and Spatial Databases. In the corresponding queries, the user imposes a set of spatial constraints among a set of objects asking for the images that best match these constraints. The paper defines configuration similarity using fuzzy measures and describes algorithms for retrieval from image databases. We distinguish three cases of query satisfiability: hard, where all the constraints of the query must be totally satisfied, soft, where some constraints may be (totally or partially) violated in solutions that are good on the average, and semi-hard, where each constraint must be at least partially satisfied. Although these problems are exponential in nature (NP-hard) we propose heuristics which, when combined with pre-processing strategies, yield good real-time performance even for large images and queries.
Language English
Format Technical report
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