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Regulation of G2/M cell cycle DNA damage checkpoints

Authors Arooz, Talha M.
Chan, Ho Yee
Lau, Anita W.S.
Leung, Ka Man
Po, Lai See
Siu, Wai Yi
Tsang, Fan Cheung
Poon, Randy Y.C.
Issue Date 2001
Source Proceedings advanced study institute on molecular genetic basis of cancer, Hong Kong, HKUST, Hong Kong , 6-12 Jan. 2001, p. 230-243
Summary Deregulation of the cell cycle checkpoints is a key step in tumorigenesis. we present evidence that apart from CDC25, WEE1 may also be important for the G2/M DNA damage checkpoints. ING1 is a candidate tumor suppressor that cooperates with p53 to inhibit cell proliferation. We show that ING1 can regulate the cell cycle and the DNA damage responses at G2/M phase independent of p53 functions. ING1b enhanced the p53-independent G2/M DNA damage checkpoint induced by adriamycin, but did not affect the G1 DNA damage checkpoint. No significant transactivation of p21CIP1/WAF1 and MDM2 by ING1 in the absence of p53 was observed, suggesting that mechanisms involving activation of p53-related proteins are unlikely to contribute to the G2/M cell cycle arrest caused by ING1b. These data provide evidence of the involvement of WEE1 and ING1 in the G2/M DNA damage checkpoint. Understanding precisely how these proteins regulate the cell cycle and checkpoints may shed light on the mechanism of tumorigenesis.
Language English
Format Conference paper
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