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Belief in retribution for good and evil deeds under divine witnessing in early and early medieval China: A comparative perspective
Author(s): 吕宗力
Working paper, 2016

A shared ILS for JULAC
Author(s): 陈丽霞 ; 林纪达
Source: 大学图书馆发展趋势与服务创新论坛, 西安交通大学, 2016年4月1日
Presentation, 2016

System and method for on-site hydration monitoring and damage detection for concrete infrastructures, and transducers used therein
On site hydration monitoring and damage detection system and method for concrete and sensor used therein
Author(s): 李宗津 ; 陸有源 ; 湯盛文
Source: 香港專利, HK 1171263, 2016
Patent, 2016