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Author(s): Chan, Wing Hoi
Source: 結網三篇, / 黃清連編. 台北 : 稻鄉出版社, 2007, p. 261-322
Book chapter, 2007

An examination of Otsuki Nobuyoshi’s studies on the sources on which Chu Hsi’s commentary on the Chung-yung is based Chan, Wing-Hoi\011600
Author(s): Chan, Wing-Hoi
Source: 結網二編, / 周樑楷編. 臺北市 : 東大圖書股份有限公司, 2003. p. 495-530
Book chapter, 2003

The characteristics of the method of extending every virtue that has ever manifested itself——Chu Hsi’s interpretation of related chapters in the Chung-yung and the Mencius
Author(s): Chan, Charles Wing Hoi
Conference paper, 2016

Author(s): Chan, Hoi Wing ; Tam, Kevin Kim-Pong ; Pong, Vivien
Source: International Journal of Psychology, 51, (S1), July 2016, p. 560-561, (Special Issue: 31st International Congress of Psychology, 24–29 July 2016, Yokohama, Japan)
Conference paper, 2016

Author(s): Chan, Charles W.H.
Source: East Asia Forum, 2 (Fall 1993), 22-35
Article, 1993

Author(s): Chan, Charles W.H.
Source: Monumenta Serica, Vol. XLIV (1996), 25-99
Article, 1996