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Author(s): Kung, James
Source: The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World: 1750 to the Present, / Edited by Peter N. Stearns. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008
Book chapter, 2008

Author(s): Kung, James ; 曹, 树基 ; 李, 楠
Source: 历史研究, 第3 期, pp. 118-131, 2010
Article, 2010

Author(s): Kung, James K.S.
Source: 二十一世纪, 1998年8月号4期: 14-21
Article, 1998

Author(s): Kung, James K.S.
Source: China Review, 1994, / Edited by Maurice Brosseau, Lo Chi Kin. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 1994
Book chapter, 1994

Author(s): Kung, James K.S. ; 周飛舟
Source: 二十一世纪, 1999年10月号55期: 136-147
Article, 1999

Author(s): Kung, James K.S.
Source: China's Economic Reforms, / Edited by Joseph C.H. Chai, Chi-keung Leung. Hong Kong: Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong, 1987
Book chapter, 1987