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Author(s): So, Alvin Y.C.
Source: Critical Asian Studies, v. 48, (4), October 2016, p. 597-604
Article, 2016

Author(s): So, Alvin Yiu-cheong
Source: The Deepening of the Global Capitalist Crisis and Its Impacts on China., Pp. 175-190 in Global Capitalist Crisis and its Aftermath, edited by Berch Berberoglu.
Book chapter, 2014

Author(s): So, Alvin
Source: Class and Class Conflict in Post-Socialist China, / So, Alvin. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company, 2013
Book, 2013

Author(s): So, Alvin Y.
Source: Critical Asian studies, v. 44, (1), 2012, p. 158-162
Book review, 2012

Lucie Cheng: A Pioneer in Asian American Studies
Author(s): 蘇耀昌
Source: 發現成露茜, / 夏曉鵑, 廖雲章編. 臺北市 : 臺灣社會硏究雜誌社, 2012, p. 49-56
Book chapter, 2012

Author(s): So, Alvin
Source: Beyond the Global Capitalist Crisis: The World Economy in Transition, / Edited by Berch Berberoglo. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2012, p. 123-144
Book chapter, 2012

Author(s): Tay, William ; So, Alvin Y.
Source: The Handbook of Contemporary China, / Edited by William Tay, Alvin Y. So. New Jersey ; Hong Kong : World Scientific, c2012
Book, 2012

Author(s): Leung, Parry ; So, Alvin Y.C.
Source: China's Peasants and Workers: Changing Class Identities, / Edited by Beatriz Carrillo, David S G Goodman. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2012, p. 85-100
Book chapter, 2012

Author(s): So, Alvin Y.
Source: Routledge Handbook of World-Systems Analysis, / Edited by Salvatore Babones, Christopher Chase-Dunn. Routledge, 2012, p71-79
Book chapter, 2012

Author(s): So, Alvin Y.C. ; Chu, Yin-Wah
Source: Developmental Politics in Transition : the Neoliberal Era and Beyond, / Edited by Chang Kyung-Sup, Kim Se-Kyun, Ben Fine. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. p. 166-187
Book chapter, 2012