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Author(s): Goldstone, Jack Andrew
Source: Environmental Change and Security Project Report 13, / Goldstone, Jack Andrew. Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP), Washington, DC, United States (2008-2009) p.2-9
Research report, 2009

Author(s): Goldstone, Jack Andrew ; Gurr, Ted Robert ; Harff, Barbara ; Levy, Marc A. ; Marshall, Monty G. ; Bates, Robert H. ; Epstein, David L. ; Kahl, Colin H. ; Surko, Pamela T. ; Ulfelder, John C. ; Unger, Alan N.
Source: State failure task force report: Phase III findings, / Goldstone, Jack Andrew, Gurr, Ted Robert, Harff, Barbara, Levy, Marc A., Marshall, Monty G., Bates, Robert H., Epstein, David L., Kahl, Colin H., Surko, Pamela T., Ulfelder, John C., Unger, Alan N., Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland, 2000
Research report, 2000