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Author(s): Campbell, Cameron Dougall
Source: The Future of Historical Demography: Upside and Inside Out, Matthijs, Koen, Saskia Hin, Jan Kok, and Hideko Matsuo, (eds.). Leuven : ACCO, 2016, p. 193-196
Book chapter, 2016

Author(s): So, Alvin Y.C. ; Chu, Yin-Wah
Source: The Global Rise of China, / Alvin Y. So, Yin-Wah Chu. (China Today Series), Cambridge: Polity Press, 2015
Book, 2016

A Great Book Without Words
Author(s): 丁学良
Source: 我读天下无字书, / 丁学良. 北京: 北京大学出版社, 2016, (增订版)
Book, 2016

Author(s): Baark, Erik
Source: The Asian Developmental State, Edited by Yin-wah Chu. Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, p. 159-173
Book chapter, 2016

Author(s): Zhang, Shengyuan ; Dong, Wenjuan ; Zhao, Xiaofan ; Yang, Xiu ; Li, Huimin ; Qi, Ye
Source: 中国低碳发展报告:2015-2016, Edited by Qi Ye and Zhang Xiliang. Social Sciences Academic Press, 2016, p. 42-128
Book chapter, 2016

Author(s): Tsai, Kellee Sing
Source: Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism, Edited by Orfeo Fioretos, Tulia G. Falleti, and Adam Sheingate. New York : Oxford University Press, 2016
Book chapter, 2016

Does Democracy Clash with Economic Development Ten Questions on Democracy
Author(s): Sing, Ming
Source: 民主十問, 馬嶽編著. 香港 : 香港城市大學出版社, 2016, p. 88-105
Book chapter, 2016

Author(s): Ren, Yunzhu
Source: Migration in East and Southeast Asia, Edited by Samuel C.Y. Ku, Kristina Kironska. UK : World Scientific, 2016, p. 35-46
Book chapter, 2016