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Author(s): Zweig, David Stephen
Source: Sino-U.S. Energy Triangles: Resource Diplomacy Under Hegemony, / Edited by Zweig, David Stephen, Yufan Hao. Taylor and Francis Inc, 2015, p. 256-271
Book chapter, 2015

Author(s): Tsai, Kellee Sing
Source: The Oxford Handbook of Transformations of the State: China: Economic Liberalization, Adaptive Informal Institutions, and Party-State Resilience, / Edited by Stephan Leibfried, Evelyne Huber, Matthew Lange, Jonah D. Levy, Frank Nullmeier and John D. Stephens. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015, Ch. 35, p. 654-672
Book chapter, 2015