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Author(s): Holz, Carsten A. View this author's profile ; Mehrotra, Aaron
Source: World Economy, v. 39, (8), August 2016, p. 1109-1127
Article, 2016

Author(s): Chan, Hoi Wing HKUST affiliated (currently or previously) ; Tam, Kevin Kim-Pong View this author's profile ; Pong, Vivien HKUST affiliated (currently or previously)
Source: International Journal of Psychology, 51, (S1), July 2016, p. 560-561, (Special Issue: 31st International Congress of Psychology, 24–29 July 2016, Yokohama, Japan)
Conference paper, 2016

Author(s): Campbell, Cameron Dougall View this author's profile
Source: The Future of Historical Demography: Upside Down and Inside Out, Matthijs, Koen, Saskia Hin, Jan Kok, and Hideko Matsuo, (eds.). Leuven : ACCO, 2016, p. 193-196
Book chapter, 2016

The Qing Jinshenlu Database: A New Source for the Study of Qing Officialdom
Author(s): Ren, Yuxue ; Chen, Bijia HKUST affiliated (currently or previously) ; Hao, Xiaowen HKUST affiliated (currently or previously) ; Campbell, Cameron Dougall View this author's profile ; Lee, James View this author's profile
Source: 清史研究, v. 104, (4), November 2016, p. 61-77
Article, 2016

State neoliberalism: The Chinese road to capitalism in comparative perspective
Author(s): So, Alvin Y.C. View this author's profile ; Chu, Yin Wah
Source: Asia Review, v. 5, (2), 2016, p. 89-108
Article, 2016