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Author(s): Araral, Eduardo ; Jarvis, Darryl S.L. ; Ramesh, M. ; Wu, Xun
Source: Infrastructure Regulation: What Works, Why and How Do We Know?, / Ed Araral, Darryl S.L. Jarvis, M. Ramesh, Xun Wu. World Scientific, 2011, p. 1-24
Book chapter, 2011

Author(s): Fritzen, Scott ; Wu, Xun
Source: Reasserting the Public in Public Services: New Public Management Reforms, / M. Ramesh, Eduardo Araral, Xun Wu. Routledge, 2009, p. 210-219
Book chapter, 2009

Author(s): Thampapillai, Dodo J. ; Wu, Xun
Source: Critical issues in environmental taxation Volume 7, / Lin-Heng Lye. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 2009, p. 55-60
Book chapter, 2009

Author(s): Wu, Xun ; Sulistiyanto, Priyambudi
Source: Deregulation and its Discontents: Rewriting the Rules in Asia, / Edited by M. Ramesh, Michael Howlett. Edward Elgar, 2006
Book chapter, 2006

Author(s): Komives, Kristin ; Whittington, Dale ; Wu, Xun
Source: Utility Privatization and Regulation, / Cecilia Ugaz, Catherine Waddams Price. Edward Elgar, 2003.
Book chapter, 2003

Author(s): Komives, Kristin ; Whittington, Dale ; Wu, Xun
Source: Energy Services for the World’s Poor, / Kristin Komives, Dale Whittington, Xun Wu. World Bank, 2000, p. 14-24
Book chapter, 2000