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Author(s): Tsai, Kellee Sing
Source: China Dreams: China’s New Leadership and Future Impacts, / Edited by Liou, Chih-Shian, Ding Arthur S. Taiwan: World Scientific Pub. Co., 2015, p. 171-196
Book chapter, 2014

Author(s): Wu, Xiaogang
Source: Handbook of Contemporary China, / Edited by Tay, William S., So, Alvin Yiu-cheong. World Scientific, 2011, p. 51-89
Book chapter, 2011

Author(s): Wu, Xiaogang
Source: Social Stratification and Social Mobility in Late-Industrializing Countries, / Edited by Hiroshi Ishida. Japan: The 2005 SSM Research Committee, 2008, p.105-132
Book chapter, 2008

Author(s): Zweig, David Stephen
Source: Chinese Society: Change, Conflict, and resistance, / Edited by Elizabeth J. Perry and Mark Selden. London: Routledge, 2000, p. 120-142
Book chapter, 2000